|Author: gjb
 |Date: Fri Jun 24 23:42:33 2016


 |  Update the release notes following r302182.

 |  A selection of system daemons, including:
 |  <application>fingerd</application>,
 |  <application>ftpd</application>,
 |-     <application>rlogind</application>,
 |-     <application>rshd</application>, and
 |-     <application>sshd</application> have been modified to support
 |+     <application>rlogind</application>, and
 |+     <application>rshd</application> have been modified to support
 |  sending notifications to the <application>blacklistd</application>
 |  daemon.</para>

Allow me to continue hoping nonetheless.
In this great future, you can't forget your past.

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