Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
> -On [20000603 09:30], Julian Elischer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >If you use the linux kernel module,
> >you cannot use the vmware module with it.
> >This has changed sometime in the last month or so.
> >the vmware module cannot find a symbol in the linux
> >module that it needs.
> The obvious:
> which symbol? =)

kldload: can't load /usr/local/lib/vmware/lib/modules/vmmon.ko: Exec
format error
kldload: can't load /usr/local/lib/vmware/lib/modules/vmnet.ko: Exec
format error cannot create /dev/vmnet1: no such device or address
jules# dmesg
link_elf: symbol linux_ioctl_register_handler undefined
link_elf: symbol linux_ioctl_register_handler undefined

the symbols are present and the linux module is loaded.
link-elf is just incapable of seeing symbols in the module, 
only in the actual kernel.

if you compile with COMPAT_LINUX
it all works fine.

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