>> Are you sure the portsnap process finished successfully? It appears to
>> be trying to use the FreeBSD 9.x/10.x syntax for adding the dependencies
>> of dialog4ports, rather than the 11.x method.
> Nope the opposite :)
> dialog4ports uses bsd.prog.mk, somehow his make ends up using the one from
> the
> source tree rather than the one from /usr/share/mk. The one from the
> sourcetree
> is having src.libnames.mk which is not supposed to be used
> Larry do you have any variable ENV or /etc/make.conf that defines MAKESYSPATH
> to
> /usr/src/share/mk?

Thanks. That was it. I need to do some digging. For some reason I added 
following to my .shrc file.

Removing it fixes the issue.  I can't remember what this fixed for me. Back
to the drawing board to do some experimenting to see.

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