Answering to myself ....

On 07/05/16 15:24, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
Hmm ...

On 07/05/16 15:14, Conrad Meyer wrote:
Whoops, missed reply-all the first time.

It seems pretty clear that alloc_size (return value is a memory
allocation of size from parameter N) does not apply to posix_memalign,
because posix_memalign's allocation is stored via a pointer argument
rather than return value.

IMO the attribute should be removed from posix_memalign in stdlib.h


- I am wondering why it hasn't affected -current if it is wrong.

Because newer clang removed alloc_size altogether.

- I am also wondering if we shouldn't just get rid of the attribute.

Nah, it is basically meant for FORTIFY_SOURCE, which is not being
worked on anymore but maybe handy some day.

I will answer to myself those doubts and fix the issue. Thanks!

So, yes, we should remove it from posix_memalign(). I'll ask re@.

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