I just did a amd64 -> armv6 cross-build/update for -r302331 -> -r302412.

-r302331's build had WITH_LIBSOFT=yes
-r302412's build was WITHOUT_LIBSOFT (by not specifying WITH_LIBSOFT=yes )
(I had rebuilt all the installed ports [-r417989 update] under -r302331.)

The check-old stage did not report anything about /usr/libsoft materials as to 
be deleted.

Nor did delete-old or delete-old-libs remove any of them.

Looking in the DESTDIR tree shows that the libsoft files are still there and 
are old: libsoft was not rebuilt.

-r302412's build was WITHOUT_META_MODE because of a different issue when 
WITH_META_MODE was attempted.

Mark Millard
markmi at dsl-only.net

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