During periods when devel/powerpc-gcc and lang/gcc5 [both currently variants of 
version 5] are at the same version trying to install both gives conflicts on at 
least one file.

During times when they are based on different versions [within the 5 range 
currently] they do not conflict when installed.

I expect that it is the same for amd64-gcc.

I've wished that I could have both devel/*-gcc and lang/gcc* all the time. For 
example I use devel/powerpc64-gcc to have a libc++ based system on a powerpc64 
machine [no gcc 4.2.1 present/involved] and I've wished that I could also have 
lang/gcc5 present for other more non-FreeBSD specific uses.

When I first tried this they happened to be at different versions so I only 
discovered the issue later. Being a powerpc64 context: this was all based on 
source builds both times.

Having devel/*-gcc be more FreeBSD specific and lang/gcc* less so seemed to be 
a deliberate choice. If lang/gcc* gets everything devel/*-gcc has that is 
FreeBSD specific then devel/*-gcc might go away. The one other thing 
devel/*-gcc has is that it is a smaller build, omitting more. Would that be 
enough to keep devel/*-gcc around?

Mark Millard
markmi at dsl-only.net

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