* Wolfgang Zenker <wolfg...@lyxys.ka.sub.org> [160710 19:47]:
> * Adrian Chadd <adr...@freebsd.org> [160709 21:33]:
>> There weren't any changes in net80211 between those times, and ath(4)
>> only has some changes for locationing; nothing that should cause that
>> particular issue.

>> I'll go update to the latest -head on something with that NIC and test
>> it out some more.

>> Try reverting sys/dev/ath/ and sys/contrib/dev/ath/ back to r302387
>> and test? (but leave the rest of the kernel as-is.)

> using a kernel with sys/dev/ath/ and sys/contrib/dev/ath/ from r302387
> and the rest at r302483 the nic does not work either, same symptoms.

> Any other things to test?

I noticed one more thing: after a while I get this message on console:

ath0: ath_edma_recv_tasklet: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; skipping

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