Hello Glen,

> This was actually a known "going to be problem" thing for 11.0.  I'm
> looking into how to fix this for 11.0-RELEASE, but right now, there is
> not much more we can exclude from it. :(
While  the  fact  that  .xz  version  is  roughly 500MB is quite solid
evidence  that  one  can  fit under 700MB with effort, I'm not sure if
this  is  worthwhile. As mentioned earlier, it's 2016, and pretty much
everything  can  be  booted from USB stick for a decade or so, and VMs
usually  emulate DVD drives anyway, which don't care whether the image
is 600MB, 777MB or 3GB.

/usr/bin/clang can be compressed down from 49MB to 14MB by some binary
packer,  if  feasible.  There  are  some  other binaries, not as large
/boot/kernel/*  -  103MB  -> 38MB - but is there any infrastructure to
load compressed kernel modules, and kernel images?
ports.txz  can  be easily fetched from the net and are useless without
network connection anyway (right?) - saving of another 34MB.

Those 3 things should shave off about 130MB of the 173MB needed to fit
on  80-min CD-R. But... why this abstract number anyway? Why not 650MB
CD-R?  Why  not  overburnable  800MB  90-min CD-R or even 870MB 99-min
CD-R? :)

And what of FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE?

Kind regards.

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