Alexander Sanda wrote:

> Anyone aware of them?
> After building a complete kernel + world with a very recent -current
> (Saturday morning, european time) I now get lots of shared memory errors
> in gnome (most coming from gdk and imlib, some from Xfree 4 aswell). I
> recompiled parts of gnome (gtk+, imlib, glib) and the situation has
> slightly changed, but gdk still throws a lot of shmget() failed: errors.

It has noting to do with kernel/gnome. XFree 4.0 is known to be very hungry for
the shared memory, so you should increase SHMSEG parameter in your kernel
config file. There are no guidelines as to what exact number will be
sufficient, so you should define it in experimental way. I personally set it to
100 (options SHMSEG=100) and do not see any warnings anymore.


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