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Terry Lambert writes:
> For what it's worth, the FP security issues are very well documented
> by ReadyToRun Software's site (these are the folks who do the UNIX
> ports for Microsoft).
> They also keep both BSDI 2.1 and 3.0 binaries available, and they
> know about FreeBSD (it's mentioned in the FAQ as an unsupported
> platform; apparently someone was having problems with the MD5
> password hashing.  Someone who cares should send them mail on how
> to update their FAQ to be more correct, and to raise FreeBSD's
> visibility as a platform --  e.g. what versions to us4e for
> what, install instructions for FreeBSD, etc.).

        FWIW, they now have a native FreeBSD version (FP extensions
        SR1, the port needs to be updated BTW) -- works like a charm with minor 
        changes to one of the port patches.

        The binaries are 3.3, linked dynamically -- compat3x will get this

        Caveat: if you misconfigure your VirtualHost in some way, any call
        to the FP-patched Apache to that subweb's /_vti_bin/ will make it
        (apache) segfault.

        Will debug this if I find time.

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