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303046 by pfg:
libc: tag the Rune initialization function prototypes visibility as hidden.

It is good practice to export as few symbols as possible from your shared
libraries, so use the GCC visibility attribute in this case, matching what
Apple's libc does.


Hinted by:      Apple's libc 1082.20.4
MFC after:      1 week

303045 by emaste:
arch.7: correct MIPS endianness transcription error

Submitted by:   Nikolai Lifanov <>

303044 by emaste:
arch.7: we also use 1M page mappings on armv6

Submitted by:   alc

303043 by cem:
Increase vt(4) framebuffer maximum size

And rename "DEFAULT" constants to the more accurate "MAX."

PR:             210382
Submitted by:   Felix <felixphew0 at>
Reviewed by:    wblock, cem
Tested by:      Dave Cottlehuber <dch at>

303042 by scottl:
Remove unused variable from last commit.

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