On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 10:47:45AM -0230, Jonathan Anderson wrote:
> On 20 Jul 2016, at 9:13, Tim Čas wrote:
> > So, without further ado:
> > 1) What are the reasons that UTF-8 isn't the default yet?
> > 2) Would it be possible to make this the default in 11.0? What about
> > 12.0?
> > 3) Assuming an effort is started towards making UTF-8 the default,
> > what changes would be required?
> At least according to one of my students (who makes more extensive use of
> i18n than I do), enabling UTF-8 by default is pretty straightforward:
> https://github.com/musec/freebsd/wiki/Common-setup#utf-8-support

the LC_COLLATE=C is not needed anymore with freebsd 11+
> If there's anything missing there, I'd love to hear about it.

Lot of work has been done during the 11.0 development the following issues were

/bin/sh not able to handle utf-8 (fixed by fixing the bug in libedit)
no unicode collation: fixed but still very fresh code
vi: there was a potential corruption when opening a file in an encoding which is
not unicode in a unicode env, now is does not corrupt anything anymore but still
says it is unhappy
finger(1) has been fixed for multibytes names (I know noone care about that one

On the list of still known issues:
* important:
  - csh does not handle unicode
  - regex in libc: it does not handle unicode right (except if I have missed
    something) and needs to be either fixed either switch to libtre + custom
    patches (there was a summer of code about it long ago and dfly went that
  - unicode support in our old groff is pretty bad, I plan to replace it with
    heirloom-doctools which does handle unicode propertly (as far I have tested
    at least)
  - edit(1) does not handle multibyte

* medium (minor?)
  - login(1) does not handle unicode properly

* minor:
  - lots of base tools (minor one like nl and friends are not multibyte
    aware in lot of cases, probably merging the work done by Ingo Schwarze on
    those tools on OpenBSD might be useful, but I have no plan to do it)
  - vi needs improvement in multiencoding support I haven't checked the latest
    modification on vi upstream about that

There might be more, but that is all that comes out of my head right now

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