I had the main desktop DDR2 mysteriously lose video ( still don't know if it is 
just needing reseating
memory or if the onboard video no longer works or if one of the four bad 
capacitors went too var
awry to still work... lack of time to test..)

Sorry for the formatting

new    ddr3 msi board FX-8320E    ..........        old ddr2 gigabyte ????? amd
new    usb mouse, had to use usm0      .............old    usb mouse > legacy 
mouse adaptor, used psm0
new    vt so can exit X (not tested yet)     ............ old    sc
new    vidcontrol to set resolution NOT   .............   old vidcontrol 
MODE_276 brown black
new    onboard EUFI/LEGACY mode  disabled sound   ...........   old    game 
theatre sound card again working
new    no parallel port, card on order, ALL SLOTS FULL probably   ............. 
                                   old    parallel port onboard
new    two pcie so Areca and Video card work             ..........      old    
Areca, OR video, used the former
new    cost $99     motherboard                                                 
     .........            old    second hand board, probably more than $99
new    nfe0 not working, none is WINDOWS strange "gaming" ...      old nfe0
          E2205  .... fixed with a axe/ue0 usb to ethernet box which I had
          sometimes problems with as to the novice one would try axe0 in wpa_  
          ignoring the instead ue0...
new   msi nvidia 750ti 2gb no PCIE adaptor necc         ....     old  onboard 
new  nvidia-driver, had to build from ports                .....           old  
new  8g                                                                     
.....               old   2g ddr2

If one prefers DDR2 for a two-cpu-on-lan setup, anyone knows of a very reliable 
source for a pair of mobo/CPU  ?
Not important that anyone answers

Might-be-working-if-reassembled-enough-times-with-legacy-parts pentium 4  and 
DDR2 ( gigabyte amd) motherboards,
... e-waste or send to a FreeBSD developer for test and reuse somewhere?  (each 
run but no video though, amd board
is disassembled... ) 

The only question here I feel the need to address sooner not later is whether 
to duplicate the DDR3 amd system for
in-case-Xorg-crashes-at-dawn backup, or discard the DDR2 board and build/buy 
two DDR2 systems to recreate what
was working about twenty days ago flawlessly... bad capacitors on the 
motherboard notwithstanding.  ( DDR2 amd,
main was gigabyte, backup was msi...  although each without a full range of 
slots vs ATX full size and costlier) 

At any rate is is cathartic to have a fully working v11 vt desktop with sound 
that I had no clue if would work without
RMA, assistance, ... 

One or two items may be omitted from the list above... a 3x5 card has gone 
missing here since yesterday... too much
paperwork in progress. 
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