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What file system are you using?

UFS; I followed the good instructions about new SSD disk configuration; that's why I now have swap as plain file :-(

Do a full fsck (or zfs scrub).

will do a full fsck;

Try moving swap to a raw (freebsd-swap) partition so that you might get
a kernel core dump.  That will be the essential next step.

ok, I will dump /usr to some external disk, shrink
the partition, creat swap and re-create /usr

Without more details from a core dump or debugger, your best option is
to try a release or an older build.  If that works, try to find the
commit that introduced the behavior.  This will be very tedious and
time-consuming for your scenario, so definitely try getting a core dump

the problem is as well: until now no further crashes had occured, i.e. it' difficult to see if it works or not;


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