Andriy Gapon wrote on 07/28/2016 14:44:

I also would like to add, just in case, that I never set a BE's
mountpoint to '/'.  I leave it at its default value like
/pond/ROOT/foobar.  When the BE is active it would be mounted at /
anyway.  And when it is not active and I want to access it for some
modifications, etc, then I can mount it simply with zfs mount and have
it at a non-interfering location.  Ditto for its subordinate datasets.

I am saying this, because it seems that that is not how the FreeBSD
installer ("zfsboot") configures the default BE that it creates.  I am
not sure what sysutils/beadm expects and configures in this regard.  I
use my own custom script for doing beadm-like things.

beadm works with the following layout

NAME                           USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
sys                           10.8G  3.63G    96K  none
sys/ROOT                      1.45G  3.63G    96K  none
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160516         8K  3.63G   606M  /
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160523         8K  3.63G   621M  /
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160531         8K  3.63G   643M  /
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160616         8K  3.63G   649M  /
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160627         8K  3.63G   655M  /
sys/ROOT/b4supd_20160523         8K  3.63G   621M  /
sys/ROOT/b4supd_20160728         8K  3.63G   664M  /
sys/ROOT/default              1.45G  3.63G   663M  /
sys/tmp                        104K  3.63G   104K  /tmp
sys/usr                       7.42M  3.63G    96K  none
sys/usr/home                  6.72M  3.63G  6.72M  /usr/home
sys/usr/obj                     96K  3.63G    96K  /usr/obj
sys/usr/ports                  428K  3.63G   332K  /usr/ports
sys/usr/ports/distfiles         96K  3.63G    96K  /usr/ports/distfiles
sys/usr/src                     96K  3.63G    96K  /usr/src
sys/var                       9.31G  3.63G    96K  none
sys/var/audit                   96K  3.63G    96K  /var/audit
sys/var/log                   9.31G  3.63G  9.31G  /var/log
sys/var/tmp                    152K  3.63G   152K  /var/tmp

Note mountpoint "none" on sys/usr and sys/var. They are not mounted intermediate directories, because /usr and /var should be part of the BE, but some subdirectories should not be part of BE.

BEs under sys/ROOT have this properties

# zfs get all | grep mount
sys                          mounted      no    -
sys                          mountpoint   none  local
sys                          canmount     on    default
sys/ROOT                     mounted      no    -
sys/ROOT                     mountpoint   none  inherited from sys
sys/ROOT                     canmount     on    default
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160516     mounted      no    -
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160516     mountpoint   /     local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160516     canmount     off   local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160523     mounted      no    -
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160523     mountpoint   /     local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160523     canmount     off   local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160531     mounted      no    -
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160531     mountpoint   /     local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160531     canmount     off   local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160616     mounted      no    -
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160616     mountpoint   /     local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160616     canmount     off   local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160627     mounted      no    -
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160627     mountpoint   /     local
sys/ROOT/b4pupg_20160627     canmount     off   local
sys/ROOT/b4supd_20160523     mounted      no    -
sys/ROOT/b4supd_20160523     mountpoint   /     local
sys/ROOT/b4supd_20160523     canmount     off   local
sys/ROOT/b4supd_20160728     mounted      no    -
sys/ROOT/b4supd_20160728     mountpoint   /     local
sys/ROOT/b4supd_20160728     canmount     off   local
sys/ROOT/default             mounted      yes   -
sys/ROOT/default             mountpoint   /     local
sys/ROOT/default             canmount     on    default

Miroslav Lachman
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