On 07/30/16 21:35, Glen Barber wrote:

I don't see the error message though. so I need some confirmation that
this fixes the issue.

Likewise, I do not see the error either, so would like definitive
confirmation the patch resolves the issue.

OK, I don't see the error message but I can reproduce it:

 % grep @RESTARTCMD@ *

Index: sbin/resolvconf/Makefile
--- sbin/resolvconf/Makefile    (revision 303557)
+++ sbin/resolvconf/Makefile    (working copy)
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
                -e 's:@LIBEXECDIR@:${FILESDIR}:g' \
                -e 's:@VARDIR@:${VARDIR}:g' \
                -e 's:@RESTARTCMD \(.*\)@:${RESTARTCMD}:g' \
+               -e 's:@RESTARTCMD@:${RESTARTCMD}:g' \
                -e 's:@RCDIR@:${RCDIR}:g' \
                -e 's: vpn : ng[0-9]*&:g' \
                ${DIST}/$@.in > $@

And the underscore was not a typo.
Thanks Guy!

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