A few days ago I branched drm-next-4.6 in to drm-next and synced it with 
Torvalds' tree as of the v4.6 tag. I then integrated the ~800 commits to drm / 
i915 / radeon / amdgpu , testing periodically along the way and updating the 
linuxkpi as needed. I've just tagged the drm-next branch with drm-4.7-rc1 to 
indicate that it is in sync with 4.7-rc1 upstream. 

If any of you are feeling adventurous I would appreciate it if you would try it 
and report any regressions with respect to drm-next-4.6. I'm aware that there 
are a number of issues with drm-next-4.6 so I'm only really interested in _new_ 

If you're feeling really adventurous - run the piglit test suite from the 
ports' xserver-next branch and do a root cause analysis on test failures.  

As always the repo is at:

Look through the existing open issues before filing a report and check the wiki 
first to address any problems.



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