On 08/22/2016 17:15, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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> In message <ad2f7a3b-21c5-2e2a-2f1b-0625a70e0...@freebsd.org>, Eric van Gyzen 
> w
> rites:
>> I just tried a "make universe", and all the kernels failed because they 
>> couldn't
>> find the config files.  I had forgotten that I have this in /etc/src.conf:
>>      KERNCONFDIR=/etc
>> Since "make universe" is primarily used for build-testing changes in src,
>> shouldn't it ignore /etc/src.conf (and possibly /etc/src-env.conf), like the
>> following?  Or is "make universe" used for other purposes for which it really
>> should read /etc/src*.conf?
> I frankly don't remember why universe ignores make.conf but not src.conf,
> but I do remeber it was a deliberate decision.

Okay, good to know.  Thanks for the input.

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