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> On 08/26/16 15:38, O. Hartmann wrote:
> > It is a USB interface PCB with an AT90USB162 microcontroler chip.
> > Attached to a FreeBSD 12-CURRENT system, it reports itself as a UHID device.
> > there is also a software package available - for Windows and Linux, but it
> > doesn't work for FreeBSD, the package compiles and produces a cmdline 
> > binary,
> > but it fails reading the sensor data - the uhid driver seems to be unloaded
> > during the call. I have no skills in writing low-level USB software, so my
> > explanation is slopy, sorry. But there is hope I can use this one.  
> Hi,
> Could you send a link to this Linux software?
> It should work basically!
> Is your libusb up-to-date?
> You can trace USB activity using "usbdump -i usbusX -f Y -s 65536 -vvv".
> Maybe some command failed.
> Did you try "usbhidaction" to decode the data received?
> --HPS
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I would already have, but the site was offline due to maintenance cycles this 
noon. It is
in German ;-)

The software can be downloaded via

Please do not misunderstand me: I just did a dirty test and it worked half way, 
but never
got values from the temperature sensor.

Since the device is recognized by FreeBSD as a UHID device, I guess there is a 
much more
convenient and standardized way to look for the device and pick up data for, 
say ICINGA-2
or other measurements. The software provided works well on Linux. On FreeBSD, 
running the
binary as root, firt unloads the uhid kernel module. So I guess the procedure is
Linux'ish and needs to be rewritten for proper *BSD usage.

Anyway - this part is more bringing up my personal thoughts and intentions and 
not so
much related to the initial stuff I asked the list for - this PCB in question 
is much to
expensive for a simple temp sensor via 1-wire protocol, so I'm looking for 
something much
cheaper. There are offerings for very small Arduino PCBs with USB port and I2C 
or 1-wire
connectors for approx. 3 - 5 EUR. For a server-based USB attached DS18B20 
sensor which
could be simply interrogated by some simple C code via tty/uhid or something 
high level
would be very nice. The digi Watchport provided this with Linux - the access 
was done via

Looking for a small and autonomous sensor station I stumbled over a lot of 
useful Linux
stuff realized via Raspberry Pi. There is very little for FreeBSD and I 
hesitate buying a
nice RaspberryPi 3 B or ODROID-C2 for that purpose. For autonomous monitoring 
of a server
room we use very expensive (~300 EUR each) web based devices. It is a little 
box with a
DS18B20, I guess and fancy LEDs as well as a NIC. attached to the network, you 
configure the device and there is some rrdtool-like graphical output. 

I think, with the fancy framework of FreeBSD it should be possible to adapt 
NanoBSD with
small nginx or reduced Apache to perform the stuff ...

So, sorry for listening to my little-boy's dreaming

Kind regards,


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