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The error message is obvious, it tries to create a hardlink which is off
course not possible when src and dest of the link are on different FS.

My goal of an easy procedure (installworld into target datasets) doesn't
work like this off course. Do we have an easy way of telling
installworld to create symlinks instead of hardlinks, or alternatively a
way to tell to copy instead of doing a hardlink if the install hits the
cross-device case?

Maybe falling back to symlink could be done.

A copy-in-cross-fs-case would be the best solution, this way you don't need to care about having the right path (DESTDIR comes into the game here) specified on the comman line.

I just checked, this 9.6k file the only case were a hardlink would be done outside the dataset. Changing LINKS to SYMLINKS for chown would be the most easy solution. This would work in the usual use cases (and surely in the normal FreeBSD use), but it would fail in the edge case were someone is using relative-path based execution of chgrp in a shifted-away location without using chroot and expecting it will use chown from the shifted-away location.

Is this an use-case which we care about, or should we just change LINKS to SYMLINKS?

Without the need to support DESTDIR, the install-argument "-l m" (hardlink if same FS, symlink if cross-FS) would have been a less intrusive option for this. Unfortunately there is no linkoption "c" for copy-if-cross-FS (and I rather modify the Makefile locally than to spend time to implement such an option for just this one case).


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