On 04/09/2016 17:51, Konstantin Belousov wrote:
> It is only masked when name cache has an entry for the vnode.  So sometimes
> vn_fullpath() should be broken even if no normalization is applied.

Yes, this is true.

> OTOH, classic filesystems like UFS do not have any other means to translate
> non-directory inode to name and parent at all, except the namecache hint.

In fact, this is true for ZFS as well.  While ZFS znodes have an attribute that
specifies a (single) parent, it's obviously unreliable for files, because a file
can be linked into multiple directories and then unlinked from a directory
specified by the attribute.

So, at the moment I do not have any good ideas on how to make this work.
Maybe trying to use the parent attribute and failing when it's inconsistent
would be good enough...

Andriy Gapon
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