I was reading this article from the 2013 Dev summit on UEFI:


In particular, I wanted to ask what is the status on these two goals (from the 

The following issues exist:
- The installer needs to be taught about creating EFI System Partitions (if 
needed) or selecting an EFI System Partition to install our first- and 
second-stage boot code.
- The installer needs to be taught about creating EFI boot entries for our boot 
code once the kernel has an API for this.

Right now, as of the latest -Current image, the installer does not ask if an 
EFI System partition already exists, which is rather scary.  When doing a 
manual (expert) partitioning scheme, the installer should ask for the location 
of the ESP if it exists, and if no ESP is specified for mounting, the installer 
should warn that no bootloader will be installed.  

The other problem is that as far as I can tell, there is no code that creates 
the EFI boot entry in any case.  By default, the installer just moves either 
boot1.efi or loader.efi (not sure) to:
which is the default location for EFI firmware.  I was wondering if the kernel 
has the requisite API/driver for adding EFI boot entries yet.  On (Arch) Linux, 
you can add an entry to the NVRAM with a tool called bootctl, which is part of 
the sd-boot package.  

Also, wondering if FreeBSD has any plan to add something like initramfs/EFIStub 
booting, which allows for much easier bootloader configuration with sd-boot 
than the current FreeBSD EFI bootloader, which must be chainloaded and has its 
configuration stored off of the ESP.  

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