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305486 by emaste:
bspatch: add sanity checks on sizes to avoid integer overflow

Note that this introduces an explicit 2GB limit, but this was already
implicit in variable and function argument types.

This is based on the "non-cryptanalytic attacks against freebsd
update components" anonymous gist. Further refinement is planned.

Reviewed by:    allanjude, cem, kib
Obtained from:  anonymous gist
MFC after:      3 days
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
Differential Revision:

305485 by jhb:
Leave ppt devices in the host domain when they are not attached to a VM.

This allows a pass through device to be reset to a normal device driver
on the host and reused on the host.  ppt devices are now always active in
some I/O MMU domain when the I/O MMU is active, either the host domain
or the domain of a VM they are attached to.

Sponsored by:   Chelsio Communications
Differential Revision:

305484 by will:
loader.efi: Bump the staging size to 64M.

This is required on my system, which loads nvidia, vmm, and zfs, and 48M is
no longer enough for that.  nvidia-driver's recent update increased its size
by several megabytes.

Reviewed by:    jhb
MFC after:      1 week

305483 by ngie:
Fix tests/sys/kqueue NetBSD tests on 32-bit platforms by using proper
format specifier for pointers when printing them out with printf(3)

MFC after:      57 days
Pointyhat to:   ngie
Reported by:    bz, cy, Jenkins (i386 job)
Submitted by:   cy
Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

305482 by mjg:
cv: do a lockless check for no waiters in cv_signal and cv_broadcastpri

In case of some consumers like zfs there are no waiters vast majority of
the time

Reviewed by:    jhb
MFC after:      1 week

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