On 07/09/2016 20:49, John Baldwin wrote:
> You can request a specific ordering via DRIVER_MODULE_ORDERED (you can 
> specify the
> SI_ORDER to use as an extra argument).  The typical practice is to load the 
> "base"
> driver (the one that attaches highest up the device hierarchy) "last" so that 
> all
> other drivers are registered once it tries to attach.  For example, in xl(4) 
> this
> is used to to have the PCI attachment register last so that the miibus driver 
> is
> registered when xl0 attaches:
> DRIVER_MODULE_ORDERED(xl, pci, xl_driver, xl_devclass, NULL, NULL,
>     SI_ORDER_ANY);
> DRIVER_MODULE(miibus, xl, miibus_driver, miibus_devclass, NULL, NULL);
> DRIVER_MODULE() uses SI_ORDER_MIDDLE by default.
> This probably needs to be fixed in all of the smbus controller drivers.

Thank you for the advice.
I'm going to fix intpm.

Andriy Gapon
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