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>Hello, I am sorry if I did not introduce myself properly: I am a subscriber
>on this list, I have read this thread and I think that my own problem is
>related: I also have a Thinkpad X201 and I have been unable to
>suspend/resume with the i915kms driver loaded (with 11.0-RC2 currently). I
>now suspect (since I did a lot of tests previously) that I might have also
>encountered the same corruption, as my Thinkpad is now unable to shut down
>properly. May I ask if it is possible to reset properly without opening the
>computer? In any case, if I can perform any further test to help here, I
>would be happy.
>Regarding suspend/resume (which, I understand, is another problem), the
>most I could achieve so far is having the suspend led blink a few times,
>then stop blinking. The computer seems to enter suspend at first, but it is
>unable to resume. If I understood correctly what I have read so far, the
>fixed suspend led would instead mean that suspend did not work properly in
>fact. I have tried with these options:

When the CMOS is corrupt I see the same problem with suspending.

In the past it was possible to write to the CMOS using the CMOS
chip. But it is a very long time since I last played with that.

Opening the x201 is annoying, but not very complex.
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