On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 03:38:04PM +0200, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> ...
> For long we are planning to remove GNU rcs from base, after a failed attempt
> before FreeBSD 10.0. Let see where we are to be able to remove it from FreeBSD
> 12.
> GNU rcs is a GPLv2 software with newer version being GPLv3 preventing any
> updates/fixes.

Err... yeah. :-/  I was using RCS before it was GPLed.... :-(

> From previous discussions there were issues that has been raised in previous
> attempts:
> ...
> - people uses rcs to handle configuration files in /etc for example. for those
>   multiple compatible alternatives are available in ports:
>   * rcs57: a copy of the latest version of GNU rcs in base before removal
>     (GPLv2)
>   * rcs: latest GNU rcs version (GPLv3)

Right; I'm one of those (folks who use RCS for local config files and
the like).  As well as Web pages, xfig files....

> I haven't gone the direction of importing OpenRCS (BSD licensed version from
> OpenBSD) as it needs way more work to be 100% compatible with latest version 
> of
> GNU rcs.

Hmm....  If there were a FreeBSD port for OpenRCS, I'd be interested in
poking at it....  I'm not even at all sure that I need "100%
compatib[ility]" with any version of a GPLed RCS.  (Indeed; I may not
*want* such compatibility....)

> How to proceed:
> - First turn off GNU rcs by default for a couple of month.
> - Totally remove GNU rcs if no blockers has been raised.
> ....

OK; warning received. :-}  Thanks....

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