In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Hosta
s Red writes:
>I can't make installworld for some time with following message:
>vm/vm_object.h -> vm/
>vm/vm_page.h -> vm/
>vm/vm_pageout.h -> vm/
>vm/vm_pager.h -> vm/
>vm/vm_param.h -> vm/
>vm/vm_prot.h -> vm/
>vm/vm_zone.h -> vm/
>vm/vnode_pager.h -> vm/
>*** Error code 1

I've seen this before. h2ph will return a non-zero exit status if it
failed to open _any_ of the files listed on the command line. This
will typically happen if you have a dangling symbolic link somewhere
in /usr/include. The error message indicating exactly which files
h2ph couldn't open will be somewhere among all the 'XX.h ->'


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