About the actual state of Spotify in BSD(Handbooked):

New solutions, a chroot of a linux kernel as in the adobe flash case,
something smarter, not wine-ing windows in unix, it's silly.

You guys are too altruists, you done it freely for the mankind when others
done billion of dollars from your work, now you should ask them for a
little common-sense and raise the level by their kindness.

For example:
Sonny should give you the full implementation of their custom AMD
Apple should give you the OSX interface.

They got bigger because of you, don't be fooled, free the world.

You know better what you have to do but the only way is a further approach
with the Linux world, they are very stupid because they are trying to get
"junk-food of prestige" by splitting it into hundreds of "distributions",
everyone want to be as Linus but they know nothing about programming, even
though, if they would fusion their work into fewer big projects it could be
something: All Debian cancer into just Debian(only the best remaining into
the game), a Fusion between Arch world and Gentoo's, Slackware's world+
RHEL's and we're done.

The thing is available for you too, try to build bigger teams, smarter,
faster, ready to do it for the well being of anyone who deserve it.

(Try to get back the NetBSD, OpenBSD&derivatives into the main FreeBSD
project, there are powerful brains there.

Try to expel corporatisms and cheap software sold expensive from this

Thank you for taking time to read my brainstorms.

I hope you can do it.

At least, fully implement Spotify for BSD, ask NVIDIA, maybe they already
got a trick.
They are both green, maybe it works. :D

Thank you !
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