On 26.09.2016 23:51, John Baldwin wrote:
>> Why not just use "gpart destroy -F provider"?
> That doesn't always work.  In particular, if a disk was partitioned with GPT
> and then you use normal MBR on it afterwards, the 'gpart destroy -F' of the
> MBR will leave most of the GPT intact and the disk will come up with the old
> GPT partitions, not as a raw disk.

If you would did `gpart destroy -F` for GPT, then it would not have
appeared again.
This is very strange problem, how did you created MBR if you have not
destroyed GPT? :)
After this commit it seems very unlikely to reproduce

Described problem can be reproduced with BSD label.

WBR, Andrey V. Elsukov

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