> Hi,

> As a start you can use these in /boot/loader.conf to prevent the
confusion about gptid or disk_ident. I disabled gptid at my computer. But
if > I understand you would like to disable disk_ident. For ZFS it should
not matter what you use.

> $ sysctl kern.geom.label
> kern.geom.label.disk_ident.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.gptid.enable: 0
> kern.geom.label.gpt.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.ufs.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.ufsid.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.reiserfs.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.ntfs.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.msdosfs.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.iso9660.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.ext2fs.enable: 1
> kern.geom.label.debug: 0

Thanks for that, this would probably work, but I don't understand why it
would change in the first place. I know that when it occurred it was
offline and I think it came back online when the system was rebooted. I'm
not positive tho. My guess is the scan found it on diskid before dptid, but
then why is gptid first for the others? I'm just going to replace the drive
with itself with gptid because I'v already wiped some data with dd. (even
tho a scrub would prob be good enough)

> Further. Does ZFS see 14989197580381994958 and
gptid/31be0527-84f0-11e6-bbbc-fcaa14edc6a6 as the same disk? Zpool replace
also has an option to replace the disk 'with itself'. Just provide it one
parameter like this:
> # zpool replace tank 14989197580381994958
> or
> # zpool replace tank gptid/31be0527-84f0-11e6-bbbc-fcaa14edc6a6
> Does that help?

I actually didn't realize this. However the same error persists.

# zpool replace tank gptid/31be0527-84f0-11e6-bbbc-fcaa14edc6a6
invalid vdev specification
the following errors must be manually repaired:
/dev/gptid/31be0527-84f0-11e6-bbbc-fcaa14edc6a6 is part of active pool

# zpool replace -f tank /dev/gptid/31be0527-84f0-11e6-bbbc-fcaa14edc6a6
invalid vdev specification
the following errors must be manually repaired:
/dev/gptid/31be0527-84f0-11e6-bbbc-fcaa14edc6a6 is part of active pool

> Oh, while I read your mail again. You have 2 GB swap configured on the
disk so wiping 2MB at the start of the disk does not wipe the freebsd-zfs
metadata of the da14p2 partition. Try wiping 3GB from the start and end of
the disk and repartition it.

Thanks for pointing this out! It would probably help if the correct area on
the disk is wiped. Although it still seems that labelclear isn't up for the
task. I really think the force (-f) flag needs a bump in power (for both
replace and labelclear). Am I misunderstanding the use for the labelclear
command? It clears the label that zdb will show for possibly similar
circumstances that i'm encountering?

# zpool labelclear -f gptid/31be0527-84f0-11e6-bbbc-fcaa14edc6a6
/dev/gptid/31be0527-84f0-11e6-bbbc-fcaa14edc6a6 is a member (ACTIVE) of
pool "tank"

Apologies, I failed to mention labelclear in my original post. It is
providing similar output as the replace command.

As the device is offline from the pool. Is this the correct behavior to
show being an (ACTIVE) member of the pool? After wiping the correct area on
the disk via dd, the replace successfully added the drive back to the pool!
Thanks for pointing out my error.

Thanks for taking a look at this Ronald and Allan!

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