Please excuse me, this is my first time posting
a question.  I know you people are only answering
out of courtesy, and I appreciate any replies I may get.

I was using FreeBSD 4.0 successfully with
IPFW and Sound enabled.
Recently I upgraded to 5.0 snapshot 2000/05/20
and my kernel now uses /modules/*.ko as much as possible.

1) So I took FIREWALL out of kernel configuration,
   and instead uses ipfw.ko.

   But now "ipfw add 15000 fwd from any to"
   no longer works.

   I read from mailing lists that I need "options IPFIREWALL_FORWARD"
   in kernel configuration file.

   So I added that and recompile everything. Still doesn't work.

   My question is how do I enable forwarding in ipfw.ko?

2) Before upgrading to 5.0, my sound card worked well,
   and all I needed is to place "device pcm" in kernel configuration.

   But now, "mixer"... still works (I can use "cam" to adjust volume)
   and "line-in" still works (I can watch TV using "fxtv")
   but "wave" no longer work (Machine hangs when I run "mpg123").

   Was there any changes to "pcm" driver recently?

Thanks again.

- Kelly

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