On 15.09.2016 08:10, Zaphod Beeblebrox wrote:
> After this fail, I decided I didn't really _need_ to run linux here and I
> discovered 'geom_linux_lvm.ko' ... cool.  But fail, too.  Doesn't emit any
> messages.  I even enabled the debug messages for it.
> The linux disk is partitioned thusly:
> =>        63  1953525105  ada1  MBR  (932G)
>           63        1985        - free -  (993K)
>         2048  1953523120     1  linux-data  [active]  (932G)

Probably it isn't LVM or some modern version, which isn't supported by
module. With enable kern.geom.linux_lvm.debug=1 module will complain
only if it will find magic string "LABELONE" in the metadata.
You can check what is stored in the metadata with the following command:
# dd if=/dev/ada1s1 count=1 | hexdump -vC

WBR, Andrey V. Elsukov

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