> On Oct 6, 2016, at 09:40, Pete Wright <p...@nomadlogic.org> wrote:
>> On 10/6/16 12:27 AM, Oliver Peter wrote:
>>> On Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 06:47:48PM +0200, O. Hartmann wrote:
>>> Today, I checked on two servers of ours running both a recent CURRENT (i.e. 
>>> FreeBSD
>>> 12.0-CURRENT #43 r306701: Wed Oct  5 06:40:40 CEST 2016) via "service netif 
>>> restart" the
>>> upcoming network and realised that the default route is lost then!
>>> I'm able to config the route via "service routing restart" - or manually as 
>>> I did
>>> otherwise. But I recall that I did a simple "service netif restart" in 
>>> 11-CURRENT
>>> recently and that worked.
>>> Has there been a change? What is now the official way to restart network?
>> Since the past couple of years on every new FreeBSD I put this in motd for my
>> linux colleagues and coworkers:
>>    Network:
>>            To apply changes you have made to the network:
>>            # /etc/rc.d/netif restart && /etc/rc.d/routing restart
>> Perhaps we could introduce a wrapper to be used with:
>>    # service network restart
> <snip code - which i think looks good>
> I think this is a great idea - especially as it would make it easier for 
> dev's and other novice admin's to use freebsd as a development platform.

Special casing would need to be done with DHCP, btw..

Also, what about IPv6 (rtsol/rtsold, etc)?

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