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Warner Losh <i...@bsdimp.com> wrote:

> Speaking of Chromebooks, what's the best way to put FreeBSD onto one?
> Warner

Depends on the Chromebook in question, when porting the drivers for the
c720, I wrote a blog post about it (quite a while ago):


Would I maybe make sense to have man pages for specific laptops (instead
of the "FreeBSD Laptop" page, blogs on the internet and Wiki pages).

Just thinking that after this change, people will need to know the
correct addresses for device.hints to make isl and cyapa work, and
putting things like that (and other hints, e.g. to route the Intel HDA
correctly) into a man page ("apropos c720") would be the next best
thing to having it work out of the box.


Michael Gmelin
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