On, Fri Oct 21, 2016, Marcus von Appen wrote:

> Hi,
> -CURRENT as of r307731 seems to have some serious flaw with its build
> tool environment. Many ports fail to build with some error similar to
> the following (devel/apr1):
> cc -emit-llvm -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -march=native -DLIBICONV_PLUG
>   -fstack-protector -c -o .c.bco
> cc: error: no input files
> *** [.c.bco] Error code 1
> [...]
> Since not all ports are affected, I assume some auto[conf|tool|make]
> issue to be triggered. Hints for getting this one solved are highly
> appreciated.

After some more testing, it seems to relate to our default make.
Switching MAKE to gmake seems to resolve the issue.

A simple test case:
1. create an empty Makefile
2. run make


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