It seems that compilation of -current fails in the case that KDB is not defined.

I'm assuming that the following diff achieves what was intended:

imb@vm01:/usr/src/sys/x86/x86> svn diff
Index: cpu_machdep.c
--- cpu_machdep.c       (revision 307875)
+++ cpu_machdep.c       (working copy)
@@ -540,9 +540,9 @@
nmi_call_kdb(u_int cpu, u_int type, struct trapframe *frame, bool do_panic)

+#ifdef KDB
        /* machine/parity/power fail/"kitchen sink" faults */
        if (isa_nmi(frame->tf_err) == 0) {
-#ifdef KDB
                 * NMI can be hooked up to a pushbutton for debugging.
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