FreeBSD_HEAD_i386 - Build #4160 - Fixed:

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307951 by imp:
Fix two backwards tests.

CID: 1365227, 1365228

307950 by imp:
Add it to the right place

307949 by imp:
Add missing file

307948 by jhb:
Use binary and (&) instead of logical to extract the mask of a capability.

CID:            1365227
Submitted by:   cem

307947 by br:
Change fs image name so it will not be regenerated (we
have both big and little-endian images in tree).
Also we don't known the endianness of the platform the
image was generated on.

Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Sponsored by:   HEIF5

307946 by cem:
uhso(4): Fix a null pointer dereference

The directly following m_defrag() call can wait, so there is no reason this
call can't as well.

Reported by:    Coverity
CID:            1353551
Sponsored by:   Dell EMC Isilon

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