On 11/3/2016 5:28 PM, Mark Millard wrote:
> I just had a case of "odd" command text in a buildworld that was based on (in 
> part) env SRC_ENV_CONF=. . .
> env __MAKE_CONF=. . . does not get the kind of behavior reported below for 
> /etc/src.conf .
> Overall this means that even with an explicit env SRC_ENV_CONF=. . . one must 
> separately prevent /etc/src.conf from contributing if the SRC_ENV_CONF file 
> is intended to cover everything.

SRC_ENV_CONF is kind of a special hack to allow setting some specific
values that feasibly can't be set later.  Just stick to src.conf unless
you need to set one of the options that requires src-env.conf.

Bryan Drewery

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