I upgrade my freebsd from 11.0-current to 12.0-Current, and 
all work fine (i was thinking) yesterday I try to update my
system and I get a Signal 12 at my face.

  I try some think but anyone was good.  By last i reboot
my system and up a older kernel and i can compile all 
syste and kernel source.

I done this steps:

mergemaster -ipP
make buildworld && make kernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL
mergemaster -iP
make installworld

All do this in single user.

But I trying recompile all, and get a same error.  Signal 12

The port and all other source codes I can compile and work.

I do some think wrong?


**Nilton José Rizzo            UFRRJ
**http://www.rizzo.eng.br      http://www.ufrrj.br

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