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Mark Heily <m...@heily.com> wrote:

On Nov 3, 2016 5:30 AM, "Kurt Jaeger" <li...@opsec.eu> wrote:

So I am to take it that no-one has any idea how this stuff works and
how to stub it out?
Or had time to write about it.

p...@opsec.eu            +49 171 3101372                         4 years to
go !
Maybe you could use 'svn blame' to research who has commited those files,
and contact them directly?
Not shure but maybe WITHOUT_ICONV knob would eliminate them from build.
Beware! It should completely eliminate iconv features.

See commit message for Revision 219019 below.


Sorry, I don't know how to safely delete some (not all) part of
conversions to shrink the contents there, keeping limited iconv
features to work.

there are some 3rd party apps that want them so I'd rather just know how to make a really small subset.

there is a database that is describes the data there but I have no clue how to generate a new db.

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