Renato Botelho <> wrote:
> > Interesting; what .OBJDIR do you end up with for say bin/cat ?
> In this case it fails the first time pointing to expected .OBJDIR, then 
> second time I run it builds
> /u/s/b/cat # ❯❯❯ make -DWITH_AUTO_OBJ
> [Creating objdir obj...]
> make: "/usr/src/share/mk/" line 61: could not use obj: 
> .OBJDIR=/usr/obj/usr/src/bin/cat

The creating line is the clue, it is just obj
rather than say /usr/obj/usr/src/bin/cat

Do you have MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX set in env?
Or are you relying on to set


Since we need to do *very* early (so .PATH is correct),
it is probably relying on MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX or MAKEOBJDIR
(I always have MAKEOBJDIR set) since will not be included

If that's all the case though I wouldn't expect it to work any better on
subsequent runs.
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