I'm looking for a suitable SmartCard read with USB connection for 12-CURRENT 
probably 11-STABLE). We have lots of Omnikey 3121 devices at hand, but I wasn't 
able to
make this type of SC reader working. it is recognised by the kernel as UGEN 
device on the
USB bus.

I tried to investigate what driver I need to use, but failed. The references I 
referring to SC card daemones all point to a serial device like /dev/cuaUXX - 
but as far
as I know, such a device is present if the UART<->USB has been recognised by the
appropriate driver.

So, the question is: do I miss something here (I'm not quite familiar with 

If the device Omnikey HID 3121 is properly supported and I'm to dull to figure 
this out -
please enlighten me! If there are aafordable alternatives (external or internal 
add-on in a workstation) I would be glad to get your hint.

So far, thank you very much in advance,


O. Hartmann

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