## O. Hartmann (ohartm...@walstatt.org):

> I tried to investigate what driver I need to use, but failed. The references 
> I found
> referring to SC card daemones all point to a serial device like /dev/cuaUXX - 
> but as far
> as I know, such a device is present if the UART<->USB has been recognised by 
> the
> appropriate driver.

I'd say that documentation is quite outdated.
I'm using a GPG card in a Gemalto Shelltoken and a Yubikey Neo as
smartcards for SSH and GPG keys - both have an USB connector, but none
of them has any USB/serial capabilities.
I'm using those for some time now, and I don't really remember any
special configuration - you'd need pcsc-lite, opensc and ccid.
OTOH, there's a line "disable-ccid" in my scdaemon.conf (that's
for gpg), so maybe ccid is not really required? I should've taken
more notes, but at that time the whole thing felt quite straight-forward.
My setup is still on 10.3, but that shouldn't make that much difference.


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