My buildworld completed successfully, so it's been fixed in r308873/ r308874.

Thanks for your testing. I often build just kernel, so wouldn't have seen the fallout until it was far too late.

- Justin

On Nov 19, 2016, at 10:22 PM, Mark Millard wrote:

On 2016-Nov-16, at 8:33 PM, Justin Hibbits <> wrote:

*sigh* okay, thanks. I just tested, and vm/vm_page.h, and vm/vm.h can both be removed from memstat_uma.c for it to compile. I'm kicking off a buildworld myself now, too, and hope to have it ready to commit tomorrow (takes a couple hours to buildworld on my G5).

- Justin

That will not be the only potential place: umastat.c in tools/tools/ umastat/
also has a include of vm/vm_page.h:

# find /usr/src/ -name .svn -prune -o -name sys -prune -o -name man -prune -o -exec grep "vm_page[.]h" {} \; -print | more
#include <vm/vm_page.h>
#define LIBMEMSTAT /* Cause vm_page.h not to include opt_vmpage.h */
#include <vm/vm_page.h>

Mark Millard
markmi at

On Nov 19, 2016, at 9:47 PM, Mark Millard wrote:

[Top post of bad news.]

With the patch I get a different incomplete type used in libmemstat:

struct md_page

--- all_subdir_lib/libmemstat ---
In file included from /usr/src/lib/libmemstat/memstat_uma.c:34:0:
/usr/src/sys/vm/vm_page.h:144:17: error: field 'md' has incomplete type
struct md_page md;  /* machine dependent stuff */
*** [memstat_uma.o] Error code 1

make[5]: stopped in /usr/src/lib/libmemstat

Mark Millard
markmi at

On 2016-Nov-19, at 7:42 PM, Mark Millard <markmi at> wrote:

On 2016-Nov-19, at 7:36 PM, Mark Millard <markmi at> wrote:

On 2016-Nov-19, at 7:32 PM, Justin Hibbits <jhibbits at> wrote:

Sorry, I generated the diff from a different tree that wasn't synced to head (had the same change in both trees originally). If that is the only problem, you can ignore it and try the rest. I can generate another diff later too.
- Justin

Yep: I manually did the move of the pm_stats line and am building.

If it builds and I install it on a PowerMac G5 and it boots, what do I
do to test if pm_stats and pm_mtx seems to be working well/right for
the out of kernel code? Do you know of a reasonable test?

Mark Millard
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On Nov 19, 2016 21:27, "Mark Millard" <markmi at> wrote:
[Top post about patch issues.]

Looking at the patch it seems to be designed for when #else was in use:

+#elif defined(BOOKE)

but -r308817 already has the 2nd line (BOOKE). Your patch shows:

Index: sys/powerpc/include/pmap.h
--- sys/powerpc/include/pmap.h  (revision 308718)
+++ sys/powerpc/include/pmap.h  (working copy)

So it looks like you started from before -r308817 .

Trying it (I'm at -r308860):

Patching file sys/powerpc/include/pmap.h using Plan A...
Hunk #1 succeeded at 74.
Hunk #2 succeeded at 84.
Hunk #3 succeeded at 132.
Hunk #4 succeeded at 145.
Hunk #5 failed at 180.
Hunk #6 succeeded at 194.
Hunk #7 succeeded at 210.
1 out of 7 hunks failed--saving rejects to sys/powerpc/include/ pmap.h.rej

# more sys/powerpc/include/pmap.h.rej
@@ -179,13 +180,13 @@
struct slb **slb_alloc_user_cache(void);
void   slb_free_user_cache(struct slb **);

+#elif defined(BOOKE)

struct pmap {
+ struct pmap_statistics pm_stats; /* pmap statistics */
   struct mtx              pm_mtx;         /* pmap mutex */
tlbtid_t pm_tid[MAXCPU]; /* TID to identify this pmap entries in TLB */
   cpuset_t                pm_active;      /* active on cpus */
- struct pmap_statistics pm_stats; /* pmap statistics */

   /* Page table directory, array of pointers to page tables. */
   pte_t                   *pm_pdir[PDIR_NENTRIES];

Mark Millard
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On 2016-Nov-19, at 7:00 PM, Mark Millard <markmi at> wrote:

It may take a little bit but I'll try the patch.

It looks like sys/powerpc/include/pmap.h from -r176700 from 2088- Mar-3 is when the BOOKE/E500 split started with the preprocessor use of AIM
and #else . This predates PowerMac G5 support.

This is definitely not new for the general structure on the powerpc
side of things. Any place that did not have the AIM vs. not status
available was subject to problems of possibly mismatched definitions.

Mark Millard
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On 2016-Nov-19, at 6:47 PM, Justin Hibbits <jhibbits at> wrote:

On Sat, 19 Nov 2016 18:36:39 -0800
Mark Millard <markmi at> wrote:

[Quick top post I'm afraid.]

I think that I figured out why there is a problem even earlier
--that just did not stop the compiles.

lib/libutil/kinfo_getallproc.c is built here as part of buildworld
(stage 4.2 "building libraries" instead of buildkernel. It does not
have the KERNCONF's AIM vs. BOOKE vs. . . . definitions vs. lack of

So if it includes machine/pmap.h that binds to
sys/powerpc/include/pmap.h which has the structure. . .

. . .
#if defined(AIM)
. . . (definitions here)
#elif defined(BOOKE)
. . . (definitions here)
. . .

it gets no definition now.

With the older:

. . .
#if defined(AIM)
. . . (definitions here)
. . . (definitions here)
. . .

It got a definition, just not necessarily the right one.

Mark Millard
markmi at

Can you try the attached patch?  There was a subtle ABI issue that
r308817 exposed, which is that the pmap structs aren't identical such
that the pm_stats are at different locations, and libkvm ends up
reading with the Book-E pmap, getting different stats than expected for
AIM.  This patch fixes that, bumping version to account for this ABI

- Justin<fix_pmap.diff>

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