On 21/11/2016 04:44, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
I ran into a interesting problem, and want to share the solution, in
case anybody else can use it.

I'm upgrading a system which used to be i386 to amd64, but part of
its job is to compile i386 nanobsd images.

That's a solved problem, but I also needed a couple of ports installed,
which for reasons of paperwork, must be compiled from source.

Cross-compiling ports is not something I wanted to get into, but
happily amd64 cpus can run in i386 mode these days:

That is something poudriere is designed to do. i386 on amd64 is
straight forward, you can also use qemu to cross compile for other archs

Using poudriere you can also setup a pkg repo with the ports you build,
just setup a http server then set pkg on your nano machine to use
something like http://mypkgbuilder/packages/11i386 as the url for it's

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