23.11.2016, 19:42, "Hans Petter Selasky" <h...@selasky.org>:
> On 11/23/16 17:27, Ed Schouten wrote:
>>  Hi Hans,
>>  2016-11-23 15:27 GMT+01:00 Hans Petter Selasky <h...@selasky.org>:
>>>  I've made a patch to hopefully optimise SAT solving in our pkg utility.
>>  Nice! Do you by any chance have any numbers that show the performance
>>  improvements made by this change?
> Hi Ed,
> I tried measuring with "time", but figured out that it was doing a lot
> of other stuff too. Isolating this piece of code was not so easy.
>  > Assuming that the SAT solver of
>>  pkg(1) uses an algorithm similar to DPLL[1], a change like this would
>>  affect performance linearly. My guess is therefore that the running
>>  time is reduced by approximately 5/12. Is this correct?
>>  By the way, why attach a zip file with a diff? GitHub's pull requests
>>  are awesome! :-)
> GitHub wouldn't allow me to make a .diff attachment.

If you really want to be nasty and not submit your change as a pull request,
GitHub allows you to paste your patch as a comment:

<your patch contents here>

>>  [1] Davis-Putnam-Logemann-Loveland algorithm:
>>  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DPLL_algorithm
> --HPS
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