Hi curr...@freebsd.org
I was running
        FreeBSD lapr.js.berklix.net 12.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT
        #12753: Tue Nov 22 23:31:24 CET 2016
I updated to 
        .ctm_status     src-cur 12757
        .svn_revision   309126
did a make world, built a new custom kernel with same config as before & now
laptop boot fails after
        Table SSDT at 0x...
        ACPI: No SRAT table found

I took a pic of frozen screen, & I have svn here, I need to research
& provide more info to whoever ? so this just initial info to whoever's
working in the area.  Debug suggestions & syntax welcome. I'll build
a generic kernel next.

If I may be slow responding, sorry, DSL modem problems here too, hence 
getting an initial error report out while I can.

Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix Sys Eng Consultant Munich
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