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> I plan to enable EARLY_AP_STARTUP on x86 in a week on HEAD.  Some folks
> have been testing it for the last week or so which has exposed some 
> additional things to fix.  I think I've resolved most of those in one
> way or another, but it will make things smoother if other folks can
> start testing this over the next few days before it is enabled by default.
> (To enable, add 'options EARLY_AP_STARTUP' to your kernel config.)
> Note that non-x86 platforms should eventually adopt this, but I don't
> think any of them are ready yet.

I tried. I use three boxes, all running most recent CURRENT. Only one box does 
work and
boot with the option mentioned above in the kernel. The other two don't, they 
stop at
printing something about HPET timer initialisation and stop - forever.

I did not digg deeper into it, but there is something strange:

Both failing boxes have CPUs with two cores, four threads. One is a notebook 
with an
Haswell 4200M, the other is a i3-3220.

The i3-3220 box has a motherboard ASROCK Z77-Pro4 (UEFI on this crap is not 
working), 8
GB RAM (2x 4GB), lates firmware from 2013. 

The working box has an ASROCK Z77-Pro4 M (mini ATX size mobo), 16 GB RAM (2x 
8GB), but a
4 core/8 thread XEON IvyBridge E3-1245 V2. The firmare is the latest, from 
2013. The box
is running well with the option EARLY_AP_STARTUP set. 

At a first glance it looks like the failure is dependend on the CPU count ;-) I 
have also
a small PCengine APU 2C4, AMD Jaguar CPU with 4 core/4 threads which is about 
to be tested
also with the most recent CURRENT and the option in question set - but it takes 

Just for the record, my apologizes if someone feels disturbed from naive 

Kind regards,


O. Hartmann

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