On 08/12/16 20:34, Shane Ambler wrote:
> Now that bhyve has gui support can OSX be started as a bhyve guest?

Depending on version and edition of Mac OS X, this may or may not be a
legal suggestion; Apple has made various terms in their license that you
can only virtualise Mac OS X on Apple-branded hardware.  (Some creative
types from a virtualisation forum once suggested taking the Apple
stickers from the iPhone box and placing them on your PC, making it
Apple branded.  Not sure that would stand up in court.)

If you do have the proper type of Mac OS X that can be virtualised
legally on PC hardware, you still need the SMC to be emulated.  That
will need to be added to bhyve before you could boot Mac OS X natively,
i.e. without hacks.

> Has anyone tried to get an openfirmware loader running? Do current macs
> still use openfirmware?

OpenFirmware is used primarily on PowerPC,  MIPS, and SPARC (via
OpenBoot).  I've also seen it running on a few ARM SoCs.  I don't think
I've ever seen a conformant implementation for x86.  All Intel Macs use
EFI 1.10 with Apple extensions.


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