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> Depending on version and edition of Mac OS X, this may or may not be a
> legal suggestion; Apple has made various terms in their license that you
> can only virtualise Mac OS X on Apple-branded hardware.  (Some creative
> types from a virtualisation forum once suggested taking the Apple
> stickers from the iPhone box and placing them on your PC, making it
> Apple branded.  Not sure that would stand up in court.)
> If you do have the proper type of Mac OS X that can be virtualised
> legally on PC hardware, you still need the SMC to be emulated.  That
> will need to be added to bhyve before you could boot Mac OS X natively,
> i.e. without hacks.
The hacktingtosh community did quite a lot of work in that aspect. Eg. the
Clover bootloader which most use to start OSX on normal PC hardware
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